Frequently Asked Questions


The State of Colorado DOES NOT LICENSE individual practitioners. There is no licensing agency to transfer your license to practice.

The State of Colorado requires annual registration for funeral establishments and crematories; a funeral director or embalmer MUST be employed by a licensed funeral establishment or crematory.

Credentialing by the Colorado Funeral Service Board is voluntary and not required to work in funeral service in Colorado. The CFSB Credential is NOT a license to practice.

Individuals who maintain the CFSB Credential hold themselves to a higher standard through education, supervised training and internship, subscribing to uphold laws and ethics, and ongoing professional development. Funeral establishments often prefer to hire CFSB certified professionals for these reasons.

Because Colorado does not license individual practitioners, you may apply for a job directly with a registered Funeral Establishment or registered Crematory.

Employment criteria will vary depending upon the employer. You may be required to provide information about previous employment, licenses, disciplinary action, internship, education, and submit to a background check.

No examination is required to practice in Colorado, although some firms may require formal education from an accredited mortuary science college and passing the National Board Examination.

The minimum requirement to practice funeral service in Colorado is a high school diploma or GED. Employment criteria will vary depending upon the employer; some funeral homes may offer on-the-job training while others require formal education from an accredited mortuary science college.

All funeral establishments and crematories must apply and be registered with the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies.

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Title protection statutes prevent individuals from offering services unless employed by a registered Funeral Establishment or Crematory.

Minimum education, on-the-job training and practical standards apply for individuals who advertise or promote their services as a "Mortuary Science Practitioner," "Funeral Director," "Embalmer" and "Cremationist."