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As the leading source of information, education and resources for the funeral service profession in Colorado, the Colorado Funeral Directors Association is the ONLY organization that represents YOUR professional and economic interests with state legislators and regulatory agencies.

CFDA members acknowledge their responsibility for the welfare of funeral service, and pledge to maintain conduct befitting good citizens; honesty and fairness in all offerings; cooperation with the customs of all religions and creeds, and observance of all respect due the deceased.

Through its credentialing program, the Colorado Funeral Service Board, CFDA recognizes high standards of competence, fairness and integrity for professionals who commit to a career in funeral service.

Membership in the Colorado Funeral Directors Association is based on a calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

  • Memberships received through October 31, 2020 are for calendar year 2020 and expire on December 30, 2020.
  • If you join on/after November 1, 2020, your dues will be applied for the 2021 calendar year to December 31, 2021.

Click on the membership options below to learn more about each category, then complete the online membership application to join.

Individual Membership Options

Any person lawfully engaged in the practice of funeral directing, embalming, cremation, preneed counseling, providing cemetery services, or providing other related final disposition services directly to the general public or other funeral service businesses within the State of Colorado, and is of good moral character.<

A Professional member shall be entitled to all rights and privileges of membership in the Association, including one (1) vote on issues before the membership, the right to receive correspondence from the Association, and the right to attend programs and events sponsored by the Association at member rates.

BENEFITS include: * Free registration for monthly Listen & Learn Webinars - that's 12 hours of CE credit valued at $40 each! * Monthly enewsletter * Free admission to Regional Meetings * Reduced fees for CFDA Seminars, Workshops and Convention.

Any person lawfully engaged in supervised training in funeral directing, embalming, cremation, final disposition, preneed counseling, cemetery services, or other related final disposition services within the State of Colorado, and is of good moral character.

The period of supervised internship must be certified by a Professional Member and Intern membership is limited to no more than two (2) years (subject to verification and employer confirmation).

A person who is presently enrolled on a full or part-time basis in a college or curriculum of mortuary science accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education during the period in which they are so enrolled, and is of good moral character.

tudent membership is limited to a maximum of four (4) years, subject to verification of student status with academic institution.

Person who is at least 65 years of age and is no longer practicing or actively working in funeral service enterprise in the State of Colorado.


Organization Membership Options

Funeral Establishment, Crematory or Cemetery (1 membership per location/address)

A Location Member is a business that exists for the purpose of providing funeral directing, embalming, cremation, preneed counseling or sales, cemetery services, or other final disposition services.

Location membership applies to a single enterprise, establishment, branch, or business entity at the physical location within the State of Colorado.

Each Location Member must employ and delegate one (1) person who qualifies to join as a Professional Member and who will serve as its delegate for voting in elections or issues before the membership. The Location Member may designate in writing another Professional Member as alternate delegate for voting purposes.

CFDA is excited to offer your business an annual package that fits you. A one-time, annual investment with CFDA helps you take the guesswork out of having to choose between CFDA’s popular programs. Position your business front and center with Colorado funeral service practitioners every day, year-round.

BENEFITS include: * Allied Membership for calendar year * Present 1 Webinar learning session * Advertising sponsor for 1 Listen & Learn Webinar * Digital advertisement on CFDA website * Social media recognition * Contribute article for CFDA monthly enewsletter * Brand recognition at Regional Meeting, Seminars and Workshops * First invitation to register for display table at Regional Meetings, Seminars, Workshop and Convention

An enterprise or individual who is a vendor, supplier, or service provider for businesses that provide funeral directing, embalming, cremation, final disposition, preneed counseling, or cemetery services in the State of Colorado.

BENEFITS include: Brand recognition on CFDA website and monthly enewsletter * Use of CFDA logo on company website * User access to Members Only section of CFDA website * Free admission to monthly Listen & Learn Webinars * Invitation to register for Regional Meetings, Seminars and Workshops at Member prices



Members who are unemployed and actively seeking work or those experiencing extreme financial hardship should contact the CFDA office to inquire about reduced dues options or deferred payment plans.