In a state that does not license funeral service practitioners, credentialing by the Colorado Funeral Service Board is an important distinction that identifies individuals who have committed to a professional career in funeral service and have pledged to uphold high standards of practice and ethics.


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The Colorado Funeral Service Board (CFSB) is a practical credentialing program developed and administered by the Colorado Funeral Directors Association to promote a high level of ethics and practical standards within the funeral service industry in the State of Colorado. Previously called the "Mortuary Science Commission", the CFSB was created in 1982 by the funeral service industry to promote professionalism under a voluntary system of certification, registration and the development and maintenance of standards.

CERTIFICATION is the recognition of an individual who has demonstrated through a standardized assessment that they meet defined qualifications within a profession. A certification CREDENTIAL may be issued by a public or private agency and presumes that working the field is a right. The credential may be withdrawn or revoked at any time by the issuing agency, but does not prevent the ability to practice.

The purpose of a LICENSE is to restrict entry and strictly control practice within a profession or activity. A license allows mandatory permission to practice for a limited period of time and is enforced by governmental agency. It presumes that working in the particular field of activity is a privilege that may be given and may be withdrawn at any time by the issuing agency.

Requiring a license to practice increases the power of government and reduces the power of the individual consumer.

The CFSB Credential is NOT a license to practice in the State of Colorado.


CFDA Membership and CFSB Certification are NOT the same thing.

Membership in the Colorado Funeral Directors Association provides benefits like the ability to engage in committees and special interests groups, serve in a leadership capacity with the association, and attend CFDA-sponsored education programs with free or low cost registration.

CFSB certification is a recognition that you have met certain qualifications based on your education, training and work experience. The CFSB Credential does not entitle you to the benefits of membership noted above.

You can be a CFDA Member without being certified by the Colorado Funeral Service Board, and can hold the CFSB Credential without being a CFDA Member.

Please consider joining CFDA as a Professional Member AND renew your certification credential for the Colorado Funeral Service Board.

CFSB Credentials are not required to practice in funeral service in the State of Colorado.


There is NO state license for funeral service practitioners in Colorado. There is NO state-mandated board in Colorado in which to transfer a license from another state.

Individuals who practice as Funeral Directors, Embalmers, Mortuary Science Practitioners, and Cremationists must be employed by a licensed Funeral Establishment or Crematory. Practitioners are subject to Title Protection requirements administered through the licensed funeral home or crematory so you will be required to provide evidence of practical experience to your employer.


CFSB recognizes four (4) categories and credentials:

1. Certified Mortuary Science Practitioner (CMSP)

2. Certified Funeral Director (CFD)

3. Certified Embalming Technician (CET)

4. Certified Intern/Trainee (INT)

The CFSB will introduce a new credential for Certified Cremation Technician (CCT) for 2021.

If your CFSB credential has expired, contact the CFDA office to inquire about reinstatement requirements.

If your credential lapsed in 2020, you can reinstate with payment of $250.

If your credential lapsed in 2019, you can reinstate for the amount of $300 without reapplication.

A new certification application will be necessary if your credential expired prior to January 1, 2019.

Individuals must apply for CFSB Credentials by completing the required application form(s) and submitting a $100 application fee.

The application process includes completing the required certification form, providing evidence of high school completion and formal education (mortuary science college or academic university), on-the-job training, affidavit for supervised internship and case work, and completing a defined skill set.

To hold the CFSB Credential, applicants must adhere to CFDA's code of ethics and commit to upholding the integrity and respect of the funeral service profession through formal education, supervised training and internship, ongoing professional development, community involvement.

Individuals who maintain credentials as CMSP, CFD, CET or INT through the Colorado Funeral Service Board are required to earn at least six (6) contact hours during each calendar year to maintain Active status for next year’s credential renewal.

At least two (2) contact hours must result from CFDA-approved classes on Colorado laws. A maximum of two (2) contact hours per year may result from public education and service activities.

CFDA presents monthly webinars on a variety of subjects, including Colorado Laws. Visit the CFDA website for a calendar of our upcoming programs.

Be sure to keep track of your CE activities throughout the year to prove dates, location and details of your participation in these activities.

For a list of APFS-approved education programs, go online to

Certification applications are reviewed and approved on a quarterly basis by the Colorado Funeral Service Board's advisory committee in February, May, August and November.

Application forms and all supporting materials must be received at the CFDA office no later than the 15th day of January, April, July or October to be considered for review at the next quarterly advisory committee meeting.

Each certification application requires three (3) or more assessments prior to consideration at the quarterly CFSB advisory meeting.

The CFSB advisory committee thoughtfully reviews each application and determines whether the candidate has met the standards and criteria for certification. Applicants are notified within three (3) weeks after the quarterly meeting and certificates are mailed to approved applicants.

Once approved, CFSB Credentialed professionals are required to renew the credential annually and earn continuing education credit each calendar year to remain in good standing with the Colorado Funeral Service Board.

Active status requires at least six (6) contact hours of CE credit per year, including two (2) contact hours of CFDA-approved Colorado laws credit every two years. The certification credential can be continued at Inactive status without CE credit by payment of the annual renewal fee.

Retired or Emeritus status is available for certified professionals age 65 years or over.

Every state mandates the requirements for funeral service practitioners within their jurisdiction.

Colorado Funeral Service Board certification standards are designed to be comparable with other states' license requirements for morticians, funeral directors and embalmers, however, CFSB certification may not be considered reciprocal with license requirements.

If you are applying for a license in another state, CFSB certified professionals may request a letter of good standing be sent to the state license board.