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The Colorado Funeral Directors Association is seeking candidates to serve on the Board of Directors beginning in 2021.

4 Candidate Positions Available

(January 2021 through January 2023)


Director at Large | 2 Positions, 2 Year Term  and  Director at Large | 1 Position, 1 Year Term

A Director at Large is responsible for ensuring the organization’s long-term financial stability and integrity.  Directors ensure that the organization fulfills its mission by doing quality work.  Directors recognize that in order to foster the organization’s continued viability and growth, diversification of income sources is essential and they pledge to personally contribute needed resources and talents toward this end. 

  • Support the mission statement.
  • Read and understand the financial statements and otherwise assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibility.
  • Attend board meetings and actively participate in decision-making.
  • Share your area of expertise with the board and staff.
  • Be an advocate for the organization; promote it in ways appropriate to your profession and contacts
  • Maintain your membership, and in addition to membership, make a financial contribution appropriate to your circumstances
  • Obtain various means of support for the organization, such as sponsorships, advertisers, members, exhibitors, speakers, etc.
  • Fulfill the duties of care, obedience and loyalty to the organization.
  • Participate in regular assessments to improve board performance.
  • Participate in strategic planning activities.
  • Prioritize and monitor programs and services.
  • Select the executive director and review his/her performance.
  • Partner with the executive director to accomplish the mission.
  • Serve on at least one committee or task force each year.
  • Work to develop new leadership and recommend potential board members to the board development committee
  • Avoid any apparent or perceived conflict of interest
  • Participate in the organization’s conferences and meetings.


Secretary-Treasurer | 2 Year Term

The Secretary-Treasurer shall have custody and responsibility for all funds, tangible assets, and property of the association and shall keep or cause to be kept the books and records of the association, a record of the minutes of meetings, and shall attend to correspondence and notices. The Secretary-Treasurer is a member of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.  In the event the office of Vice President becomes vacant, the Secretary-Treasurer shall perform all duties of the Vice President.

  • Chairs the Budget and Finance Committee, presiding at all meetings of the committee.
  • Ensures that Executive Committee and Board are kept fully informed of the financial status of the association.
  • Works with Chief Staff Executive and Executive Committee in formulating the budget each year.
  • Performs a regular financial audit of the books with committee assistance.
  • Reports to the board and annually to the membership the financial status of the association.
  • Reviews annually the dues structures and recommends changes when appropriate to board.
  • Maintains financial books and statements in accordance with accepted accounting procedures.
  • Participates fully and cooperatively with all aspects of fiscal audits.
  • Implements Board directives about fiduciary activities.
  • Guides the Board about necessary actions, policies, and procedures that will enhance the fiscal solvency of the organization.
  • Reports to the Board at each meeting on the expenses, revenues, and bank balances.
  • Facilitates the accurate recording and reporting of minutes of all board meetings.
  • Facilitates accurate and timely correspondence and notices as directed by the board.


Candidate Eligibility

Serving on the Board of Directors is a chance to help drive the decisions of the association. Board service is a chance to grow personally and professionally, to develop skills, gain unique experience and make lasting connections.

  • Eligible candidates must be a Professional Member. 
  • No more than two voting members of the Board shall be employed by or work for the same location or corporation under common ownership.

There has never been a more important or exciting time to be part of the CFDA. Join us as we work to expand and unite the funeral service community in the State of Colorado.

Please consider how you can contribute to Colorado’s funeral service profession and submit your application online.

Elections will be held online in November 2020.

Click here to read the CFDA Board Member Expectations.

Information contained in the form below will be shared with CFDA Members for election purposes.

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