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Submit a Complaint to the Colorado Funeral Service Board


The Colorado Funeral Service Board may be able to assist consumers in resolving disputes through mediation without disciplinary action.

Complaints must be submitted to the CFSB within one year of an incident. 

The complaint should include a detailed account of the facts involved in the case and should be specific about the expected resolution.

You can expect a response within two (2) weeks after submission of your complaint.

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The Resolution Process

When a complaint is received, a CFSB Representative makes a preliminary determination that the complaint is directed against a CFDA member firm or an individual certified by the CFSB, and alleges an act or omission that could violate the association's constitution, bylaws, or standards of practice. 

  1. The CFSB representative may attempt to mediate between the parties to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.
  2. The CFSB may decline to take action if the matter is the subject of a complaint filed with another state or involves a legal matter. 
  3. The CFSB may recommend that the complaint be reported to legal authorities if it is determined that the matter of the complaint is in violation of the state laws. 
  4. The CFSB may also refer the complaint to another entity or jurisdiction, or dismiss it.

You can expect a response within two (2) weeks after submission of your complaint.


Violation of State Laws

Colorado's Department of Regulatory Agencies Office of Funeral Home & Crematory Registration investigates complaints against registered funeral establishments and crematories, and enforces disciplinary actions against those who violate the Mortuary Science Code and the program rules. Complaints must be filed online at