CFDA Master Trust

All Deposits and Withdrawal Requests must be submitted using CFDA's online forms linked below:

Requests submitted to CFDA's email account will NOT be processed.


Effective April 12, 2023CFDA Master Trust Deposts

All Deposits and Withdrawal Requests must be submitted using CFDA's online forms linked below


  • Report all deposits made to U.S. Bank with 2 business days
  • Detail submitted using the online form will be used to update quarterly reports.

CFDA Master Trust Withdrawal



Customer Payments, Deposits & New Contracts (Deposits)

  • Make deposit to CFDA Master Trust account at any U.S. Bank with 30-days after receipt of customer payment

  • Make copy of U.S. Bank deposit slip (to be submitted with deposit form to CFDA within 2 business days after bank deposit)

  • Complete Master Trust Deposit form to include information about new contract

  • Submit deposit details and new contracts using the online form at

  • The above items are necessary to create and/or update an account within the CFDA Master Trust.

Fulfillments and Terminations (Withdrawals)

  • Complete Master Trust Withdrawal form to include information about account holder.

  • Upload Withdrawal form with copy of official death certificate using online form at

  • Withdrawal requests received by the 15th are usually processed within the same month.

  • Payments are issued on a 1x monthly basis from Community First Trust (trustee).

  • If your request is received after the 15th, your payment may be delayed until the next month's processing.

Quarterly Reports

  • CFDA’s Trust Coordinator reconciles monthly trust deposits made to CFDA’s holding account at US Bank according to deposits slips and documents you submit to CFDA.

  • The Trust Administrator will apportion interest and expenses to each trust account on a quarterly basis.

  • Quarterly reports with accounts and balances will be issued to participating firms.

  • Withdrawals are based on the account balance as of the most recent quarterly report.

  • Please review every account and balance listed on each quarterly report. If there are any discrepancies, please report via email to within 30 days of the receiving the report.



Pleae contact CFDA's Master Trust Coordinator: Steffani Blackstock at

The trustee for the CFDA Master Account is Community First Trust.