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John "Jack" Adams - The Dodge Company

Matt Greenwald -  Federated Insurance

Robert C. Haight, PhD, MPA Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Rueckert-Hartman College of Health Professions, Regis University

Alex McCracken -  Funeral Innovations

Mike Nicodemus - Vice President Cremation Services, National Funeral Directors Association

David Patterson -  Global Mortuary Affairs

Bruce Rippe, M Div, BCc - Chaplain

Gary Schaaf - Archdiocese of Denver Mortuary

General Sessions

Complexities of Social Interactions:
Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

Interactions with other individuals is complex and multifaceted; your interactions are not just controlled by yourself, but by the individuals you are interacting with, and your context. Emotional intelligence is a broad description for several personal and social proficiencies related to social interactions and engagement. In this session, you will learn how to be conscious of your context, have a better understanding of how the environment affects your communication, and engage in exercises to improve your interactions and be more effective in talking with colleagues and the families that you serve.

Robert C. Haight, PhD, MPA , is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Rueckert-Hartman College of Health Professions, Regis University. He teaches leadership, emotional intelligence, management, and economics. His research interests include the importance of emotional intelligence in the workplace, and the effects of being authentic and mindful in leadership situations.

Are You Ready?
Practical Training for Real-World Situations

In today’s culture, the level of risk as a business owner is greater than ever.  Acts of violence, cyberattacks and ecoterrorism have placed more emphasis on workplace safety. The modern funeral professional must be prepared to handle a number of unique situations that were beyond the imagination of their predecessors.

This captivating session will address real-world problems — active shooter situations, cybersecurity, working with law enforcement, and risk management — to raise your level of awareness and help you to better prepare and protect yourself, your employees, customers, and business when the unthinkable happens.

Convention Game Show

Canadian host of America’s Favorite Quiz Show. If you answered, “Who is Alex Trebek?”, you are a shoo-in as a contestant in our Funeral Service version of  “Jeopardy!”, the game show where answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. 

In the 2017 Combined Convention edition, audience members will be challenged with answers to funeral service trivia questions and key points collected throughout Convention sessions. Like the TV version, contestants will be eligible to win prizes. 

Join colleagues for this engaging and fun prĂ©cis to Saturday’s Convention activities.

Breakout Sessions

Running on Empty

As funeral directors, our efforts to manage spiritual/emotional stress in our work environments are key to the success of our self-care, our professional practice and our successful and sustainable business plan.  The presentation will review the risk factors for experiencing spiritual/emotional trauma; examine symptoms when we are susceptible to such stress, trauma and fatigue; and provide clear examples of proactive self-care that can serve to maintain a healthy balance in caring deeply for those whom we serve.

Chaplain Bruce Rippe, M Div, BCC

Facebook Made Easy: An Education Initiative

Interest in Facebook is growing at a rapid rate, and you often hear that your business needs to be a part of the conversation. Finding good content, posting on a regular basis and running advertising can be time consuming and expensive.

This presentation isn’t a Facebook 101. It is a detailed road map of the Education Initiative between CFDA and Funeral Innovations. Members will learn valuable information and provide insight — what is working, what needs to be improved, and how you can deploy an effective Facebook strategy in 5 minutes.

Alex McCracken, Vice President, Funeral Innovations

Pre-Convention Workshops

The 2017 Combined Convention will begin with 2 optional Pre-Convention Workshops. The workshop on Thursday, July 20, is geared for Embalmers, and a morning workshop on Friday, July 21, is designed for cremation providers. Each workshop is available for separate registration or may be combined with a Full Convention registration at a discounted package price. Seating will be limited; registrations accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Thursday, July 20, 2017 - 1PM to 5:30PM

You Only Have One Chance - But Sometimes More Can Be Done

This workshop will address donor case embalming with a focus on the restoration of long bone and skin donation. Without reservation, it can be said that techniques utilized by today’s medical professionals and procurement/recovery teams have advanced ten-fold over the last decade. Admittedly, each donor case ultimately provides unique challenges to the embalmer, but there are restorative procedures which will help to overcome these challenges. The more an embalmer challenges him/herself, the better their skill set will be. With that in mind, the instructor will facilitate an interactive discussion with pictures of several very difficult cases and discuss the steps taken to reach the final result.

John P. "Jack" Adams, The Dodge Company

Friday, July 21, 2017 — 8:30AM to 12PM

The 4 Ps To Avoid Cremation Litigation:
Policies, Procedures, Performance, Prevention

This fast-paced program will help funeral directors who own and operate their own crematory, and those who use the services of a third party provider to understand the importance of establishing chain of custody, identification procedures, proper documentation, insurance coverage, authorizations, crematory inspections, and many other issues pertaining to cremation. Cremation litigation is at an all-time high and lawsuits can be very expensive, not to mention the irreparable harm a lawsuit can have on your good name and reputation. Learn how to prevent incidents from occurring, the proper use and maintenance of equipment, correct procedures and why employee education – and due diligence – are so important.

Mike Nicodemus, Vice President Cremation Services, National Funeral Directors Association

Breakout Sessions

Marketing Cremation for Profitability

Families that have chosen cremation for memorialization and disposition know one thing: They know they want cremation. They may not know what they want or what their options may be. Many families are looking for value and are willing to pay a higher premium to do business with companies that have a reputation for high quality and great customer service. This session will demonstrate that not all families are interested in direct cremation and will help you to provide the type of service and memorialization options they really want. We’ll also talk about misconceptions, how to become your own consumer advocate, and understanding how social media can work for (or against) you.

Mike Nicodemus, Vice President Cremation Services, National Funeral Directors Association

International Shipping

Whether the destination is across the U.S. or in another part of the world, the rules and regulations for shipping human remains can be a complicated process. This presentation will address common challenges and discuss best practices for shipping human remains.

David Patterson, Global Mortuary Affairs

CE Credit

The Colorado Funeral Service Board has approved the 2017 Combined Convention for up to 17.2 contact hours of continuing education credit, applicable for 2018 certification renewal.

Convention registrants will receive a CE validation form that must be signed by a designated CFSB representative within 15 minutes after each education session to authorize CE credit. 

CE credit has been approved by the Kansas State Board of Mortuary Arts. Kansas licensees may return a completed CE validation form from the 2017 Combined Convention with annual license renewal.

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