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Consumers may file complaints in two ways:

  1. The Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) will address written complaints about funeral establishments and crematories. An investigation and disciplinary action may be administered by DORA. Click here to go to DORA's web site and learn more details about how to file a complaint.
  2. The Colorado Funeral Service Board may also assist consumers in resolving complaints through mediation without disciplinary action. 
Please keep in mind that CFDA:
  • Cannot provide funding nor financial resources for funeral services.

  • Cannot act as a regulatory enforcement or disciplinary authority. We may refer you to contact the appropriate regulatory agency directly when an investigation or disciplinary action may be warranted.
  • Cannot engage in disputes or mediation with families for pending funeral arrangements. After a written complaint is filed with the CFSB, we may attempt to mediate a resolution.
  • Cannot refer you to a specific funeral director, funeral establishment or crematory. The searchable directory on our website can help you locate CFDA members in your area.
  • Cannot provide recommendations or references about funeral directors, funeral establishments or crematories. We may refer you to the appropriate regulatory agency to verify license status and/or disciplinary actions.

    Filing a Complaint to DORA

    Funeral establishments and crematories are regulated by the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies' (DORA) Office of Funeral Establishment and Crematory Registration. 

    This agency will address complaints filed against registered funeral homes and crematories.

    You must complete DORA's complaint form and submit in writing. Complaints reported by telephone will not be accepted or considered.

     Click here for a copy of DORA's complaint form.

    For more information, go to

    You may also contact:

    Office of Funeral Home and Crematory Registration, Department of Regulatory Agencies

    1560 Broadway, Suite 1350

    Denver, Colorado 80202

    Telephone: 303.894.7800

    Preneed Contract Sellers are regulated through DORA's Division of Insurance. 

    The funeral home, mortuary, cemetery, insurance agent or broker you choose to confirm your pre-planning arrangements is required to maintain annual license with the State of Colorado as a “Preneed Contract Seller.” 

    For a list of licensed Preneed Contract Sellers, go to the Colorado Division of Insurance.

    To verify that the funeral home you select is licensed as a Preneed Contract Seller, go to the Division of Insurance online directory search.

    For more information, log onto the Colorado Division of Insurance web site at or call 303-894-7499.

    Depending on the nature of the matter, consumers may also wish to consult a personal attorney and/or report complaints to local law enforcement, district attorney or federal agencies.

    Filing a Complaint to CFSB

    Anyone may file a complaint, but must do so in writing and must sign the complaint within one year of an incident. 

    The complaint should include a detailed account of the facts involved in the case and should be specific about the expected resolution.

    Written complaints should be addressed to:

    Colorado Funeral Service Board (CFSB)

    P. O. Box 631664

    Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-1664

    After someone files a complaint, a CFSB Representative makes a preliminary determination that the complaint is directed against a CFDA member firm or an individual certified by the CFSB, and alleges an act or omission that could violate the association's constitution, bylaws, or standards of practice. 

    1. The CFSB representative may attempt to mediate between the parties to reach a mutually agreeable resolution.
    2. The CFSB may decline to take action if the matter is the subject of a complaint filed with another state or involves a legal matter. 
    3. The CFSB may recommend that the complaint be reported to legal authorities if it is determined that the matter of the complaint is in violation of the state laws. 
    4. The CFSB may also refer the complaint to another entity or jurisdiction, or dismiss it.

    Colorado Funeral Directors Association,  P O Box 631664, Highlands Ranch, CO 80163-1664 U.S.A. 

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