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Continuing Education

The Colorado Funeral Service Board requires six (6) contact hours per year for individuals who maintain certification as a CMSP, CFD, CET and INT.

For Sponsoring Organizations

2018 CE Approval Application Fee: $100 per program 

The CFSB will accept applications to approve programs for CE credit for certified professionals with the following details:
    • Name or title of the event
    • Name of event sponsor and contact information
    • Event date(s) and time(s) 
    • Event location
    • Agenda that outlines the program and presentation times, breaks, etc.
    • Brief description for each session that explains the general content of presentation.
    • List of presenters with job title, company, credentials, experience, etc.
An approval letter will be sent to event sponsor via email after application has been reviewed. Credit will be applied based on one contact hour per 50 minutes of actual presentation time.

For live events, the event sponsor will be required to provide evidence of participation by both of the following methods:

  • Provide each participant with an attendance certificate confirming participation for the duration of this program. The CFSB certificant may include
  • this program(s) on their annual Continuing Education Activity Report and submit with copy of attendance certificate;
  • Return a validated CFSB Continuing Education Sign-In sheet as confirmation of actual attendance at the program. Please return the sign-in sheet to the CFSB office within 30 days after the program.

Please submit your application via email to the CFDA office. Allow 3-4 weeks for review and processing.

For Certified Professionals

Continuing education credit may be earned each year through active participation in a variety of programs, such as (A) Professional Activities; (B) Academic Activity; and (C) Public Education & Service.

Credits earned after October 1, 2016 may be applied toward 2018 renewal if those credits were not applied to your last renewal. Documentation such as a certificate of attendance, letter from a public service organization, statement or transcript from academic institution, etc., must be provided as evidence for the corresponding credit.

Click here for Continuing Education Activity Report for 2018 Certification Renewal.

CE evidence should only be returned with your annual certification renewal; do not send CE documentation to CFSB without your accompanying renewal notice.

Active Status:  Evidence for a minimum of six (6) contact hours of continuing education credit must be provided to maintain Active Status as CMSP, CFD, CET and INT certification. A minimum of four (4) contact hours from those activities must come from Category A or Category B activities and at least two (2.0) of those contact hours are required from CFDA-approved Colorado Laws credit. The CE Activity Report and documentation must be included with your annual renewal to support Active Status. A maximum of 2.0 hours per calendar year will be accepted from Category C, Public Education/Service.

If no CE evidence or insufficient documentation of continuing education is provided with annual renewal, certification may be renewed at Inactive Status.

Inactive Status:  Inactive Status individuals are not required to provide evidence of continuing education credit to maintain certification. Return to Active status will require evidence of six (6) contact hours per year of Inactive certification, up to maximum of twelve (12) contact hours (minimum of 8 hours from Category A or B).

Retired Status*:  Certified funeral service professionals over the age of 65 are eligible for Retired Status and will be required to provide evidence of three (3) contact hours of continuing education earned each year. The Colorado Laws credit requirement is not necessary for Retired status renewal.

Emeritus Status*:  Certified funeral service professionals over the age of 70 are eligible for Emeritus Status and will not be required to prove continuing education credit. The Colorado Laws credit requirement is not necessary for Emeritus status renewal.

*If you are age 65+, please include a note and your birthdate on your renewal notice so we can adjust your certification for Retired or Emeritus status.

Honor Roll: To qualify, you must earn at least 15 contact hours of CE credit from Category A and Category B activities during the last calendar year. At least two (2.0) contact hours are required from CFDA-approved Colorado Laws credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have enough CE hours to renew my certification. What can I do?
CFSB certifications must be renewed and paid each year to maintain the credential, regardless of whether CE hours are reported. The CE requirement dictates whether your certification will be renewed at Active or Inactive status. Six hours are needed for Active status; no hours are needed for Inactive status. 

My certification status was Inactive for 2017. How can I restore to Active status?
Twelve (12) hours of CE credit must be reported to change from Inactive to Active status. Two (2.0) of those 12 contact hours are required from CFDA-approved Colorado Laws credit. CE credit must have been earned since January 1, 2016.

I only earned 4 CE hours this year but last year earned 10; can any CE hours be carried over?
CE hours may be carried over from the previous year under the following conditions:
  • Category A and Category B credits were earned after October 1, 2016;
  • Credits were not applied to satisfy your last renewal.

I didn't renew my certification in 2017. Can I reinstate?
If your certification lapsed within the last 2 calendar years, your certification may be reinstated with payment of the current year's certification fees ($93), plus reinstatement fee ($150). Contact the CFDA office to request a renewal form. 

If your certification lapsed prior to January 1, 2016, you will need to reapply for certification under the criteria in effect at the time of new application.

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